10 Quick Do's and Don'ts of Decorating with Art

You’ve got blank walls and you’re not sure what to do with them.  Decorating with art can be intimidating and tricky, so sometimes we just leave the walls blank.  Here’s a few tips that will save you time and effort and get you started.

1. Art is not just made for one room—hang it in every room of the house.  There are no rules about what kind of art goes where.  You don’t have to use beach/nautical themes in the bathroom and fruit in the kitchen.  Try different pieces in different places.

2. Plan your wall in advance.  One small piece of art can get lost on a wall.  Put several pieces together, grouping them on the floor first until you find an arrangement you like.  Or, make paper templates and tape them on the wall to determine the right arrangement.

3. Be sure to use picture hanging hooks, not just nails or screws.  Not only can they handle more weight, but they won’t damage your walls. 

4. Like to take photos?  Use your own photography as art.  Many companies specialize in mounting   photos and will produce high quality photographs.

5. At what height is art to be hung?  Guidelines are based on an individual that’s 5’8”.  The middle of the artwork should be at this individuals line of sight.  Even groupings of art should not be too high, but balanced with the 5’8” line of site guideline.

6.  Make your artwork appear larger.  You have a piece of art that you want to put in a certain room, but it’s just too small.  Utilize a reputable framer and add matting, even double matting and a one inch frame to grow the piece.

7.  Feel free to mix different styles of art.  You can put a landscape in the same room with an abstract.  Place your art for your enjoyment; it belongs where you can see it and appreciate it.

8. Buy art that makes you happy and creates a pleasant emotion.

9. It’s okay to change your art periodically.  Not only is it fun to move art around in your place, it’s also great fun to buy new art.  Supporting artists is always a great option!

10.  Don’t be afraid of large pieces of art.  Small artworks can be grouped together to create a large arrangement but don’t limit yourself to 8” x 10” pieces.  If you find a piece of art that’s a bit larger, don’t be afraid to take up wall space with a piece you love.  A piece of art that’s 36” x 36” is a statement piece but it can be a nice addition to a hallway, over a bed, in the dining room, living room or even in the entry way.

By: Rebecca Firestone